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If you still come across the Cloud Print not working issue, then get in touch with our printer service professionals through the toll-free number for an advanced solution.

Skrevet av Kiaan Roy, 11. des, 2018
If your school or workspace printer is offline, try seeking the help of your admin. If you are one of them, then try the following steps to fix the printer offline issue.

Skrevet av Kiaan Roy, 11. des, 2018
If you do not see the printer listed in the Cloud Print section, then refresh the Chrome tab or web page by clicking on the Reload button. In case you still do not see them, then try any of the following steps.

Skrevet av Kiaan Roy, 11. des, 2018
You should also update Google Chrome to the latest available version. Moreover, check the list of printers in the Cloud Print section, and remove any duplicate entries. If your printer won’t print a document still, then try removing it from the said list, and configuring it again. For that, visit the Printers section as mentioned above, select your device, and click on Delete.

Skrevet av Kiaan Roy, 11. des, 2018
Also, make it a point to share the printer. For that, sign into Google Chrome using the same Google Account with which you configured, visit the Printers section in the Cloud Print using Google Chrome, click on your printer, and select Share. In the dialog box that pops up, type the Google Account or Google Group you need to share with. Click on Share.

Skrevet av Steve, 11. des, 2018
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First, you can now auto-apply a label to Exchange Online content and to files associated with a specific content type in SharePoint Online, such as tax documents or human resources information.

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Then click on ‘Processes’ tab from the menu bar and navigate for the ‘outlook.exe’. if you don’t find it in the recurring programs then your outlook is already completely turned off.
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Skrevet av Sherri, 21. nov, 2018
La meg definere en leder. Han må ha visjon og lidenskap og ikke være redd for noe problem. I stedet bør han vite hvordan han skal beseire den. Viktigst av alt må han jobbe med integritet.

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